Track, Manage, Make, and Collect Payments All In One Place.
The solution that allows you the freedom and flexibility to manage payments as needed.
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Never Miss A Payment

Seamless Payment Options for all scenarios

Make one-time payments, make recurring payments, pay in bulk or schedule your payments, it's all up to you

Set up Collection

Determine where funds are remitted to

24/7 Support

Get round the clock support from our dedicated team.

Link multiple bank accounts

You can manage multiple bank accounts on your SoftPAY account

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Verify Account

Provide neccessary KYC details and verify your account


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Have all your bank accounts in one place


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Begin sending and receiving payments

Generate Payment links for your customers

Share a payment link you've created to get paid.

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You have created a new payment link. You can share this link to receive payments.
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Seamless Collections On Softpay.

Generate invoice with your own terms and receive payment in your preferred form.

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Want to be able to receive payments in multiple ways?

We are coding... Soon, your customers will get to enjoy the vastitude of SoftPAY

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Everyone looking to make and receive payments

Small and starter businesses

You can pay vendors and suppliers , staff,
generate invoices and set up collections

Registered businesses

You can pay vendors and suppliers , staff, set up collections account and add team members to your profile

Groups and Associations

Make salary payments to your security
guards, Collect your monthly security dues
and developmental levies.


You can pay directly from your bank account

Frequently asked questions

Why should I use SoftPAY?

SoftPay eliminates the hassles of handling payment and collections. It offers you the freedom to make payments as is suitable for your business and freedom to receive collections in ways that preferred by your customers.

What you can do with SoftPAY?

The solution lets you securely accept and quickly manage all payments in one place for better business outcomes.

How to get started?

Click on the 'Join Waitlist' button and provide required information.

What are the charges for using SoftPAY?

Transfers and Bulk Payments costs N30 per transaction Collections is charged 1.2% of transaction value, capped at N1000

How safe is it to use SoftPAY?

We have PCI compliant certification and a secure system. The SSL encryption technology is used to encrypt every transaction you make.

Is there a limit to the number of transactions I can carry out on SoftPAY?

There is no limit to the number of transactions that can be processed.

When will the beneficiary get the money I send?

After payment is made to you , your money will be credited to your specified bank account within 24 hours.

Can I track my payments and collections?

Yes, our customers have the ability to monitor their payments and collections from the dashboard by selecting several business reports. You can monitor your payments and collections whenever you want. You can also generate transaction history reports

Mobile is Coming! Soon, you'll be able to take your business with you everywhere

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